Welcome! Within this blog, you will get to know me and my experiences throughout various Education Core Studies courses.

I have always had a passion for teaching and working with kids. This blog will entail some of my experiences throughout my career. Enjoy!

-Cassie McCallum

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Week8: Overall Reflection

We started the day off by doing LLI assessments. This time was different because each kid seemed to have much more to say about their books while trying to connect it to their lives or other books that they have read. They did an amazing job at this. Following that we had 3/4’s come into work with a partner on their unit with scale. Each group got a variety of different and unique rocks. After weighing them it was time to chart each weight and also include a drawing of the rocks while making a hypothesis of what will happen to the scale when there are different weights of rock. Many kids found this assignment so fun and cool. It was great to see all the kids having so much fun and getting so excited!

After recess, the kids were informed that it was our last day. Then kids suggested that we work on our books and reading assignments so that I could help them with it. This gave me the chance to do more one-on-one work with each kid. This particular assignment is something that the kids love because they get to express how they feeling toward the books that are put in front of them. It is amazing to see what kids enjoy and what they do not within the classroom.

From the past weeks, I got to learn and see the school and community and much more. Something that pops into my mind is “School and Community” Week 2. I said, “the school is very diverse and there are a variety of students”. This has changed me in a way that would affect my teaching in the future. There were kids who struggled and kids who excelled. Yes, there was many kids with language barriers but this has taught me to be more patient.

The focus questions all connected with each other because they all had to do with the school, students, staff, and community. They all relate because these are questions that are often asked as teachers who are in the classroom daily. By having us answer these it gives us as future teachers a glimpse of how constantly thinking of these various questions is important in doing our job. Personally, this class has improved me and my thought process going into the classroom. I am so glad that we got to experience this or else I wouldn’t have known about the questions/issues that come with teaching daily.

This experience has pushed me to want to become a better teacher. Although, I need to learn how to continue to use my “teacher voice” and to be more confident when speaking.Three professional goals would be 1. Work on communication skills. 2. Don’t be afraid to not know what you are doing sometimes 3. Walking in with confidence is better than looking like you might pee your pants on the first day.

Overall, I would definitely go back to Geroge Ferguson and I am so thankful for this opportunity that not a lot of people get.


These are some of my discussion quotes that I feel helped me throughout the term!

“We as teachers should look at each class as equal.”- Week 4

” I feel that having many different varieties of choices for schools is a great way for parents and students to have more of a “core based” education where they may also get the opportunities to learn and practice what the students enjoy.” -Week 6

“The more and more that teachers teach and practice within their schools they will eventually get into the groove of things.” -Week 9